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Paper charts covering all 3 of Canada’s coastlines plus major lakes and inland waterways.

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To find the chart you need, you can search our chart catalogues or our interactive maps. If you know the number of the chart you’re looking for, you can also search our chart database. Remember, you will need the number of your chart when ordering.

Where to Purchase Charts (CHS Dealers)

Where to Purchase Charts (CHS Dealers)

Our charts and publications are carried by over 500 dealers across Canada and around the world. Search our database to find the dealer nearest you. In some cases you will be able to licence directly from a dealer’s web site or you will be able to order by phone.

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After receiving your Canadian Hydrographic Service Digital Charts®, don't forget to register them with the CHS to ensure that you receive the latest updates. If you have BSB raster navigational charts the registration process will decrypt them, allowing you to use them for navigation. You will receive an activation code at the time of registration.

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Many mariners understand the importance of having charts onboard but it's just as important to ensure your charts are up to date. If a buoy has changed or there is a new obstruction, you need to know about it before you encounter it, not after. CHS regularly updates charts and it's essential you have the latest updates for safe navigation.

Chart corrections are issued through Notices to Mariners by the Canadian Coast Guard. These notices contain updates to charts as well as sailing directions, buoys, radio aids and more.

If you have a paper chart, you can register on the Notices to Mariners web site to receive email notifications of updates to your chart. You can also print patches to your charts from this web site.

You can also type in your chart number below to access the latest Notices to Mariners for your chart.

Report chart discrepancies

We want to hear from you. CHS relies on mariners to notify us when dangers to navigation are discovered, or corrections to charts and publications seem necessary. It's important to provide us with as much information as possible so we can make the changes and ensure safe navigation for all.

Please fill out our Marine Information Reporting Form (PDF version - 93.4 kb) and email us at:

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