About the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS)

Since 1883, the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) has studied Canada's oceans, lakes and rivers to ensure their safe, sustainable and navigable use. Find out why CHS is a recognized world leader in hydrography.

Services and information

Who We Are

CHS is a sectionision of the Science Branch of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and the national authority on hydrographic services. Discover how its expertise in maritime transportation, mapping, coastal natural hazards and sovereignty has made CHS into a recognized world leader in hydrography.

What We Do

CHS surveys Canada’s inland and marine waters to ensure their safe, sustainable and navigable use. Learn how CHS contributes scientific results, nautical charts and publications to the public domain.

How We Work

CHS relies on advanced tools to survey ocean depths and create detailed nautical charts. Learn how new technologies help CHS produce accurate and timely hydrographic information such as three-dimensional views of seabeds.

Why It Matters

CHS is responsible for producing the mandatory navigational charts carried by most vessel operators on Canadian waters. Read about the significant role hydrography plays in helping CHS safeguard marine and coastal environments.

Who We Serve

CHS answers the needs of insectionidual boaters and international shippers, fishers, industry, government and non-governmental organizations. Research projects on climate change, mineral exploration and search and rescue also benefit from CHS’s contributions of up-to-date, accurate information.

Our Levels of Service

Updating charts for high-risk areas frequently ensures that CHS meets established standards for maintaining critical information. Learn about the standards and how CHS strives to meet them.

Our History

A nineteenth-century steamship tragedy led to the creation of CHS. Find out how multibeam modelling systems and other hydrographic advancements have significantly improved navigational safety.

Our Legal Regime

CHS strictly adheres to legislative agreements outlining its duties and responsibilities. Access the list of treaties and Acts which include the Canadian Constitution and international statutes, regulations and conventions.

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