Our Levels of Service

The Canadian Hydrographic Service has a strong service commitment. We publish and maintain nearly a thousand nautical charts. 

We have clearly defined Levels of Service and each year we review how well we are meeting our commitments. Some of these goals are medium to long term. Results given are national annual averages.

We strive to balance providing our clients with up-to-date and accurate navigational information with the resources CHS has to meet these needs. We have classified the areas our charts cover by risk – high, medium and low – with the high-risk areas receiving more of our resources and more frequent updates. Many factors are considered in our risk assessments such as the number of accidents in a given area, tanker routes, traffic, infrastructure, navigational complexity, and more.

Measuring Our Results:

Each year we review our work and measure how well we met our Levels of Service. Where we didn't fully meet our commitments, we analysed why and instituted changes to improve our service. For further information please contact:

Canadian Hydrographic Service
Email: chsinfo@dfo-mpo.gc.ca

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