Multibeam Data for Fairy and Peninsula Lakes, Huntsville, Ontario Now Available

Fairy Lake and Peninsula Lake, located at Huntsville, Ontario, were surveyed by the Canadian Hydrographic Service between 18-Jun-2009 and 8-Jul-2009 using state-of-the-art multibeam sounding and sidescan technologies.


Under the Oceans Act, the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans has the authority to conduct hydrographic surveys and to produce and distribute nautical charts and publications for Canadian waters.

The Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS), a business unit of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, is Canada’s national hydrographic office. In accordance with the International Maritime Organization convention on Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), the CHS serves as the official source of hydrographic data, nautical charts and publications in Canadian navigable waters. From time to time CHS conducts specific missions in support of other Government of Canada priorities.

Project Area

A CHS survey crew was tasked with acquiring high-resolution bathymetry for both Fairy Lake and Peninsula Lake, surveying as near to shore as practical and as safety would permit. Multibeam bathymetry coverage extends from the mouth of the river at Huntsville east and inshore on Fairy and Peninsula Lakes to at least two metres water depth. Within the area shown in red the multibeam data is augmented with side scan sonar data.

Project Area

Data Now Available

The multibeam data set consists of 777 million soundings at one-metre resolution, covering a geographic area of 13.4 square kilometres, and is available in a number of formats Depths were reduced to a sounding datum which at Huntsville is 281.8 metres above Geodetic Datum (GD).

In near-shore areas a side scan sonar system was used to ensonify areas where system and safety limitations prevented multibeam surveying close to shore. This data is included with the multibeam data set.

The unnamed bay to the west of Deerhurst Resort and the bay at the north east end of Peninsula Lake could not be surveyed due to water depth limitations.

The following image shows an overview of the multibeam data:

Data Now Available

Data Licence

Under CHS’ intellectual property licensing program, a variety of copyright licences are available to support creative and innovative individuals and companies who wish to make value-added products using CHS intellectual property.

The data for these two lakes is available under a three-year licence period for an access royalty of $1,340, plus sales royalties of 15% of the suggested retail price of the end product multiplied by the content ratio of CHS data in the end product.

See the Copyright and Licensing section of the CHS website for more details on the CHS licensing program, or contact CHS at