• September 12 2014
    CHS and the 2014 Search for the Lost Franklin Expedition

    On Tue-9-Sep-2014 the Prime Minister of Canada announced that one of the two ships of the lost Franklin expedition had been located in Canada's Arctic. This historic event in our nation's history represents contributions of diverse skills, technologies and capabilities from a variety of organizations, from both the public and private sector. The Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) played a leading role in this year's project, as it has for a number of years.
  • May 26 2014
    CHS releases new charts

    CHS releases new charts, #4404 Cape George to Pictou and #4025, Cap Whittle to Havre-Saint-Pierre and Île d'Anticosti.
  • March 07 2014
    Digital Raster Charts (BSB) can now be downloaded online

    CHS just launched a new registration application for Digital Raster Charts (BSB).
  • December 30 2013
    New Chart Registry Service and single BSB sale

    CHS launched a new on-line ordering system for CHS dealers that will enable dealers to order individual raster charts and BSB collections for their customers.
  • November 14 2013

    For the first time ever, a coin has been crafted with raised land against a translucent enamel filled lake.
  • August 28 2012
    Parks Canada 2012 Franklin Expedition

    Cutting-edge tools for bathymetric surveying allow the Canadian Hydrographic Service to visualize spectacular seabed detail and expose long-hidden secrets.
  • August 28 2012
    2012 Search for Sir John Franklin's lost ships – Interactive Map

    Follow the team as DFO's Canadian Hydrographic Service and Canadian Coast Guard along with several other government organizations, the University of Victoria and the Arctic Research Foundation search for HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, the lost ships of the Franklin expedition, and conduct other tasks contributing to greater Arctic understanding.
  • August 09 2012
    S-101 Impact Study Survey of the Maritime Stakeholder Community

    Message from the International Hydrographic Bureau