Canadian Hydrographic Service Digital Charts

Although CHS does not sell charts directly to the public, we distribute to over 800 dealers across Canada and around the world. You can use this site to find the chart you need and the dealer nearest you. You can also register your digital chart to ensure you receive the latest updates.

CHS offers exceptional digital charts in two formats – Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) and raster (BSB) charts. Both charts are available on CD and run on onboard computers.

ENC charts offer powerful onscreen navigation via an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) and meet the official S-57 international standard.

Raster charts are simple electronic versions of paper charts, popular on pleasure craft. Mariners using raster charts are required under the Canada Shipping Act to also carry paper charts as a backup.

Find Chart

Find digital charts by

To find the chart you need, you can search our chart catalogues or our interactive maps. Remember, you will need the number of your chart when ordering.

You can also order a chart catalogue by contacting CHS at or (613) 998-4931. Chart catalogues are also available free of charge from most dealers.

Help with Finding Charts

Report Chart Discrepancies

We want to hear from you. CHS relies on mariners to notify us when dangers to navigation are discovered, or corrections to charts and publications seem necessary. It's important to provide us with as much information as possible so we can make the changes and ensure safe navigation for all.

Please fill out our Marine Information Reporting Form (PDF version - 93.4 kb) and email us at:

How to Purchase

How to Purchase

Our charts and publications are carried by over 800 dealers across Canada and around the world. Search our database to find the dealer nearest you. In some cases you will be able to purchase directly from a dealer’s web site or you will be able to order by phone.

Once you receive your CHS Digital charts, don’t forget to register them with CHS on this site to ensure you receive the latest updates. If you have a CD of raster charts (BSB format), you must register your CD to decrypt it and begin using it. You will receive an activation code at the time of registration.

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Register Chart

Register Your Chart

Once you receive your digital chart from a CHS authorized dealer, you must register your chart within 30 days of purchase to ensure you receive the latest updates and support. 

You can register your digital chart online or by phone at 1 (866) 833-6676.  Your registration is valid for two years and entitles you to receive updates and new editions within this timeframe. To learn more, you can read our End-User License Agreement (2010-2013 | 2014-2015) which highlights your rights as a user of CHS charts.

If you have a raster chart (BSB format), you must register your chart to decrypt it and begin using it.  You will receive an activation code at the time of registration.

If you are having trouble registering your chart, call 1 (866) 833-6676 or email

Update Chart

Find Digital Chart Updates

Many mariners understand the importance of having charts onboard but it’s just as important to ensure your charts are up to date. If a buoy has changed or there is a new obstruction, you need to know about it before you encounter it, not after. CHS regularly updates charts and it’s essential you have the latest updates for safe navigation.

If you have registered your digital chart with CHS, you will automatically receive updates and new editions for two years from the date of registration.

  • Electronic Navigational Charts:
    You will receive updates on an ongoing basis through an online account CHS will set up for you after you register your chart.
  • Raster (BSB) Charts:
    If you have registered a 2009 raster (BSB) CD, you will now have access to our new online service for monthly updates. Or, you can request an updated CD which will be available each May.

KEEP YOUR CHARTS UP TO DATE.   Every month we update Canadian Hydrographic Service Digital Charts© to ensure you are navigating with the latest available information.  Updates may consist of a New Chart, a New Edition or a change to the existing edition of a chart as advertised in Notices to Mariners.  Monthly updates are included with your licence.

BSB v4 raster charts are not GIS compatible.

Contact us at for information