Digital charts

Since January 1, 2017, all official digital charts produced by the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) have been available online. They are no longer distributed on CD.

CHS distributes nautical charts through a dealer network that serves Canada and the entire world. You can use this site to find the nautical charts that you need and choose the dealer from which you will order them. Then use the new CHS Digital Data Portal to download and registeryour electronic charts. Registering your charts allows you access to the most recent updates for the duration of your licence.

CHS nautical charts are available in two digital formats: as Raster Navigational Charts (RNC) in the BSBv4 format or as Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) in the S-57 vector format. They are offered separately or in collections. Used with a navigation software, the two formats contribute to navigational safety.

Keep Your Charts up to Date.

Every month we update Canadian Hydrographic Service Digital Charts® to ensure you are navigating with the latest available information.  Updates may consist of a New Chart, a New Edition or a change to the existing edition of a chart as advertised in Notices to Mariners. Monthly updates are included with your licence.

Chart catalogues

Atlantic Coast (PDF, 28.9mb)

Pacific Coast (PDF, 103mb)

Ontario/Manitoba including Great Lakes (PDF, 28.9mb)

Arctic (PDF, 7.94mb)

Find a digital chart

Find a digital chart

To find a digital chart, you can consult our nautical chart catalogues or our interactive maps. To make an order, you will need the number of the nautical chart you seek.

Where to purchase charts (CHS dealers)

Where to purchase charts (CHS dealers)

Our nautical charts and publications are distributed by a network of dealers across Canada and around the world. Consult our database to find the dealer from which you can order your chart(s). In some cases, you will be able to purchase the product directly from the dealer's website or you will be able to order by phone.

Find a dealer

Don't forget to register your Canadian Hydrographic Service Electronic Charts® with CHS before setting sail!

Register your nautical charts

Register your nautical charts

You must register your digital nautical charts before you set sail. Registration decodes BSBv4-format raster navigational charts, a step necessary for their use in navigation, and also gives you access to updates and future new editions that would be circulated during this period.

To learn more, please read our End-User License Agreement, which lists your rights as a CHS nautical chart user.

You can register your digital charts online or contact our customer service at 1-866-833-6676 or via email at

Privacy notice regarding registration of Canadian Hydrographic Service Electronic Charts®.

When you register your CHS electronic nautical charts in raster BSB or vector S-57 format, you must provide your name, address, telephone number and email address so that CHS can send you the decryption codes for your licensed digital nautical charts for the term of your licence. All registrations are processed exclusively within the Government of Canada's secure server environment. The personal information collected, used and disclosed by the federal government is governed by the Privacy Act. For all questions, please contact The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Find updates for your nautical charts

Find updates for your nautical charts

Most navigators know that it is essential to have nautical charts on board and that it is equally important to keep them up to date. If a buoy has been changed or if there is a new obstacle, you must know about it before you reach it, rather than after! CHS regularly updates its nautical charts and you must have these updates if you are to navigate safely.

If you have registered your digital charts with CHS, you can access the updates and future new editions via the CHS Digital Data Portal.

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