Nautical Charts and Publications

Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS)’s exceptional nautical charts and publications help ensure the safe navigation of Canada's waterways.

All vessels in Canadian waters must carry and use nautical charts and related publications pursuant to the Canada Shipping Act, 2001, Charts and Nautical Publications Regulations, that are issued by, or on the authority of, the Canadian Hydrographic Service.

Services and information

Nautical Publications

Companion products for nautical charts that are critical to safety at sea.

Paper Charts

Choose from over 940 charts covering all three of Canada’s coastlines plus major lakes and inland waterways.

Digital Charts

Providing more information than paper charts, digital charts are available to licence and come with regular access to updates. Technical support is available as needed.

Replaced and Withdrawn Charts

Check the list of all cancelled CHS charts and their replacements to ensure you have the latest.

Instructional Charts

CHS offers charts that can be used for instructional purposes by marine training programs.

Eliminating Canada - U.S. ENC Overlaps

To comply with internationally agreed practices, Canada and the United States have agreed to eliminate overlapping coverage of Electronic Navigation Charts (ENCs).

Arctic Voyage Planning Guide

A compilation of data and services relevant to mariners travelling in the Arctic region of Canada.

Temporary and Preliminary Notice to Mariners (NOTMAR) Practice

An explanatory note about the temporary and preliminary Notices to Mariners (NOTMAR) practice.

Explanatory Note Regarding the Practice of CHS on the Communication of Hazards to Navigation

CHS may receive new information pertaining to navigation from various sources.

Commemorative Charts

The Canadian Hydrographic Service produced commemorative charts to pay tribute to important events that occurred in Canadian history.