Purchase charts for navigational use

CHS distributes nautical charts for navigation through a dealer network that serves Canada and the entire world. You can use this page to find the nautical charts that you need and choose the dealer from which you will order them. After you have purchased your transaction code from a dealer, create your GCKey account to access the CHS Digital Data Portal to download your Canadian Hydrographic Service digital charts. The portal grants you access to the most recent updates for the duration of your licence.

Find nautical charts

Most CHS charts are available in digital form as either a Raster Navigational Chart (RNC) in the BSB format or as an Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) in the S-57 vector format. Both kinds of electronic charts, when used with navigation software, relieve the navigator of many of the traditional paper chart routines, and contribute to safer navigation. Learn more about the difference between raster charts and vector charts.

To find the chart that you need, you can search our chart catalogues or our interactive maps. You will need the number of your chart when ordering.

Chart catalogues

Where to purchase charts for navigation

To purchase paper or digital charts for navigation you must order through a chart dealer. Click the Find a dealer button below to search our database and find the dealer nearest you.

Find a dealer

The End User Licence Agreement for Canadian Hydrographic Service digital charts is valid for two years from the date of purchase. Updates and future new editions that are circulated during this period are downloadable from your CHS Digital Data Portal account. To learn more, please read our End-User Licence Agreement, which lists your rights as a CHS nautical chart user.

How to download your digital charts

If you have purchased Canadian Hydrographic Service digital charts from a dealer, you will receive a transaction code granting access to all products that were part of your purchase. Create a GCKey account to gain access to the CHS Digital Data Portal. After you have logged in, enter the transaction code to add your purchased products to the Active Products list.

Need help adding your transaction code to your account? Download the CHS Digital Data Portal user guide.

Report chart discrepancies

We want to hear from you. CHS relies on mariners to notify us when dangers to navigation are discovered, or corrections to charts and publications seem necessary. It's important to provide us with as much information as possible so we can make the changes and ensure safe navigation for all.

Please fill out our Marine Information Reporting Form (PDF version - 93.4 kb) and email us at: chsinfo@dfo-mpo.gc.ca

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